Guava Juice phone number

Guava Juice phone number

Since the traffic potential associated with posting guava juice phone number on our blog is very high, we must do it! He can get one million views on one film in one day, which is a very good result. Few people know that he really has three channels on YouTube. The subject of these channels is different. After all, it’s worth subscribing to all channels. I am sure that you will like Guava Juice phone number!

Guava Juice address

Contact with him is very, very simple. Why? Because you have two options to choose from. The first and most prestigious method is to download guava juice phone number, but if you want to send it something then download guava juice address.

guava phone number

To 15 facts of Guava Juice and phone number.

  1. He does not like shrimp. If you watched the episode 41 FACTS ABOUT ME! you probably know it. He said there is allergies to shrimps! When it comes to food, he also hates carrots.
  2. After graduating from school, he immediately moved to Los Angeles.
  3. His favorite sport is how many basketball is, but I think everyone likes it! He also played less popular sport. Lacrosse is a game similar to hockey, but playing on the grass. It is really cool if you do not like winter.
  4. For most of his life he had long hair, as he recalls, he liked it very much. This hairstyle came from passion for music, where singers often had long hair at the time. Such an old fashion;)
  5. He is known by various pseudonyms and names, a few of them – Roi Fabito, Roi Wassabi, Guava Roi.
  6. His only continent visited by Asia. He was never on another continent. Although he likes to travel, he says that there is no time for that.
  7. Although he is not afraid of flying by plane, he is very afraid of turbulence, which even paralyzes him with fear.
  8. He loves dogs, which can be seen in his films. He likes to mention them. His dog is a real lucky guy!
  9. His first program on which he created films was Windows Movie Maker, a program that was available on the Windows XP operating system.
  10. As he admits, he did not know who to become when he grows up. His life is accidental moments that led him where he is.
  11. His family lives hundreds of kilometers from him. He often mentions that he misses them. Remember that the family is the most important thing, so love your parents!
  12. When it comes to food, his favorite cuisine is Mexican!
  13. He loves gadgets, collects and reads technical novelties very often. If a new add-on to your computer or phone comes out, it often buys it first.
  14. He loves socks. I know it sounds strange, but it really is a fan of colorful socks.
  15. Guava Juice phone number is real

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